The Forest-v0.18B

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      The Forest-v0.18B

      v0.18B - Procedural building in multiplayer added along with enemy tweaks

      Hey Everyone,

      Here’s a small update to last nights patch, finally adding custom building to multiplayer! You can now build procedural stairs, procedural walls, bridges, floors, foundations etc with friends!

      With the building changes we’ve made today we recommend starting a fresh game, especially for multiplayer games.

      We also tweaked enemy pacing a bit as last nights build had enemy encounters turned up pretty high. We’ve also fixed an issue where distorted mutants would appear in the world within the first few days and find player almost instantly.

      As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


      Custom buildings (experimental walls, bridges, procedural stairs, roofs, floors, foundations) now all work in multiplayer!

      (multiplayer)Fixed bug where crocodiles would sometimes appear as other animals to client

      Increased time until distorted mutants come out, and at first will only come out at night

      Improved enemy pacing, less chance of being found when hidden, less skinnies active in world and less patrolling enemies.

      Improved positioning on some offset pond drink triggers

      Fixed box rendering around explosives on low quality settings

      Fixed bug where anchors on foundations could cause issues and break save games!

      Fixed old plane seat models loaded after loading a saved game

      Fix mal hier geteilt...

      Auf die Übersetzung müsst ihr dann noch warten,die Axt wird es schon richten,mfg