The Forest ModLoader Version 0.3

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    The Forest ModLoader Version 0.3

    What is the ModLoader?

    The ModLoader is a custom written application by our boards admin in order to ensure that verified and working mod packages for The Forest are downloaded, displayed with usage information and implemented into the game for the time playing without the need for technical or background knowledge on your end. Running mods of your choice directly from the application while the application handles all the required steps for you is therefore an ease.

    • Extract the executable file in the ZIP package to any place of your desire (eg: Desktop) and start it
    • Upon first start the ModLoader requires you to check if the proper path to the "The Forest" game folder is set. If that is not the case, apply the correct path for it
    • Select your desired mod on the "Mod Browser" tab, read the information next to it
    • Make sure the selected mod is displayed in the status bar
    • If it is all to your liking hit "Load selected Mod", confirm to start the game with the loaded mod and enjoy playing :)

    Buttons and areas explained in detail (based on screenshots attached)

    ( 1 ) » All listings in this area show the currently available mods through the ModLoader. Select and read the information about them in area (2)
    ( 2 ) » Displays mod-related information about the mod and most of the time also mod usage information
    ( 3 ) » Load the selected mod from area (1) clicking this button
    ( 4 ) » Status bar which shows the currently loaded mod

    ( a ) » Whenever the list of displayed mods in (1) is not up to date, use this button to fetch the new mods from our mod server
    ( b ) » Using this button will put the game to a no-mod-loaded-state again to start off fresh or play without any mods
    ( c ) » If you ever chose the wrong directory for the ModLoader to find the game in, use this button to properly select the game folder (see usage description above)

    More Information

    Currently available and included mods are:
    • None yet for the current version of The Forest

    To download the ModLoader you must be logged in.

    • The ModLoader creates a folder along with the executable file called "Mods". Unless you are planning to update the ModLoader with a newer version of the application it is not required to remove that folder.
    • Although not intended, in rare cases it is recommended to run the ModLoader as administrator (right click -> Run as administrator) to function properly
    • For any other issues, feel free and invited to reply directly to this posts and let us know how you get along with it :)

    Legal Notice
    The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error free. If you find any errors please let us know by applying your opinion to this thread. The application ModLoader is entirely custom written and private property of @admin aka Sascha. Under no circumstances shall Sascha, the administrators and moderators of this forum be held reliable for any losses or damages whatsoever from the use of, or reliance on or the Information generally. By downloading this application you comply with its terms of use and are aware that this application does not intend to do anything else than provide you with the described function above. All credits regarding the application go to this boards admin aka Sascha.
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    Hey and welcome @carswahl :)

    This is due to the fact that the ModLoader works the other way around rather than adding mods yourself if thats what you were trying to do - we (me or admin) feed it with tested and approved Mods and all you have to do is open the application, choose your mod and load it into the game as easy as that. Right now, for the latest version of the game (0.11C) there is only the FOV Mod and maybe more to come in the future dependin on the mod community though ^^

    Take care, theAxe ^^
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