Patch Notes v0.08d (englisch)

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      Patch Notes v0.08d (englisch)

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      Hey Everyone,

      Here’s a small patch 0.08d containing mostly bug fixes (Including finally a fix to distant shadow distortions!)

      Our bigger patch 0.09 has been pushed back to this coming Monday whilst
      we sort out the last remaining co-op multiplayer issues!

      always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the
      Discussions area of the Community Hub or send them in to

      0.08d Complete:

      -Tree structures (tree houses) are now destroyed when the tree they’re on is cut down

      -Improved raft and fixed issues with raft and save/load

      -Fixed Drying Racks food positioning

      -Fixed Bench ghost positioning

      -Fixed bug that caused projectiles to be “paid” twice when thrown

      -Fixed glass upgrade recipes for most weapons

      -Fixed Plane Axe’s Cloth on crafting mat (for fire weapon upgrade)

      -New upgrade recipe Sticky bomb: Bomb Timed + Tree sap

      -Player run animations added!

      -Fixed thunder sound being cut off early

      -Fire enemies will now sometimes attempt to burn down player built structures again

      -New sound effects added - fixed missing underwater sounds, added
      splash and fall sounds to player. Added transitions between
      day/nighttime. New improved tree cut sounds.

      -Fixed some issues with skylight occlusion option

      -Improved bloom performance by 2-3x

      -Fixed bug where item would be unequipped after using inventory, then opening book then hitting escape

      -Massively reduced amount of memory ghost items take up

      -New player textures
      (multiplayer)Player head added! (this also fixed issues with player head shadows in single player)

      -New better looking torch cookie

      -Fixed destroyed wall logs not being pickupable

      -Fixed feathers being hit away by weapon when killing birds making it hard to collect them

      -Fixed issue where held weapons would get permanent motion blur on them

      -Fixed glitchy shadows break up in distance!

      -Fixed some bugs with using lighter and it vanishes/equipping at wrong
      times and fixed bug where pressing the ‘O’ Key would attempt to bring up

      -Fixed fire on effigies not burning birds or player

      -Enemies no longer sleep outside during the day

      -You can now destroy enemy built art and effigies!

      -Fixed camera position on during plane crash so you can no longer see down your own neck

      -Improved performance of held flare

      -Tweaked animal density in world

      -Improved weapon colliders for more accurate hits
      No Blood. No Bone. No Ash.