The Forest Patchnotes v0.16b

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    The Forest Patchnotes v0.16b

    Posted on
    16 April, 2015
    by Anna

    Hey Everyone,

    here’s a small hot fix to last nights build, fixing missing
    volumetric lighting on windows 32bit machines, the missing underwater
    blur swimming effect and a few other small tweaks.

    As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub

    Changelog v0.16b:

    Fixed bug where all volumetric lighting would turn off if windows 32bit was detected

    Fixed water blur vision not turning on when player goes underwater
    (still a bit buggy in waves, but should work well again in flat water)

    Fixed bug where cave props could stream into scene multiple times if you quickly went in/out of a cave

    Fixed sparkly disco looking cave floors if bloom was enabled

    Fixed rock type in cave with no textures

    Increased grass draw distance at highest settings

    Set high preset to use ‘very high’ level of detail setting (lower this to high or medium if you find it impacts performance)

    EDIT sagt:
    Mist, kaum hat man sich gefreut, dass der Blur Effekt unter Wasser weg ist, machen die ihn wieder rein X( . Finde echt ein wenig unrealistisch, da man mit einer Maske unter Wasser eigentlich klar sehen müsste.

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