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    "Oh yes, please!" the blindfolded girl said over her shoulder. She groaned happily as Don slowly pushed himself into her. Don closed his eyes, momentarily overwhelmed by the hot, tight sensation. He held on to Viola's hips as he slowly sank into her, feeling her body gradually giving way to the insistence of his phallus. When he had filled her, Don slowly drew almost all the way back out, before pushing back in. All the while, Viola hung her head, moaning in something more primal than pleasure. Geraldo apparently decided that the blindfold had served its purpose, so he gently untied it and let Viola look up to see the two of them in front of her as well as their still mostly hard organs. Soon, she was going back and forth between them, licking and sucking, as Don steadily fucked her ass. He hadn't come yet but was in no particular hurry to climax. When he could tell that she had the other guys fully hard again , Don thought it was time for another change. He leaned over Viola's lovely back and whispered his plan in her ear.